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We answer your questions about the FeelGood IQ
program and how it relates to day to day stress

What do I get in my FeelGood IQ program?

The FeelGood IQ program is a 3 week course consisting of 5 sessions. The first is an introductory video by Peak Performance Coach Adrian Law viewed via the Members Area. You will then download the 4 audio sessions to your computer.

What equipment do I need?

You will need access to a computer. You will listen to the programs either direct from your computer or via an mp3 player, ipod or mobile phone using headphones.

How do I get the FeelGood IQ program?

FeelGood IQ is available as an instant download direct to your computer. Within 10 minutes you can start your journey into a stress free life. Click here to order now..

I seem to get very thirsty after the session. Should I have a
drink before beginning?

Yes, this type of relaxation will draw upon your reserves of fluids so before you get into your sessions, always take a drink of clear water. 

Can I over do the sessions if I want to listen to them more
frequently than three times each week?

Not really but the program is designed to be heard with a day between each so the mind can assimilate and act upon the messages. Having said that, you may increase your schedule to four times in eight days but make sure you begin a new session no later then the following week.  And, remember to use the StressBuster on the alternate days. 

I'm having difficulty letting go when I am supposed to be relaxing.
How can I get more into the session?

This is probably a new experience for you and you may be experiencing an instinctive resistance because you are concerned about allowing yourself to go to an unknown place in your mind. First, it is important to remember that the FeelGood IQ program is based upon known science and is designed only to be beneficial. While deep relaxation might seem to be new to you, in fact, you experience it every night as you fall asleep. Don't be afraid of deep relaxation. It is there you'll discover an untapped power that is in all of us to change our lives for the better without drugs or therapy. It comes without side effects and when you get into it, we promise you will never look back. 

Can anyone use this program?

Research has shown that there can be risks when using brainwave entrainment if you have a history of epilepsy or other brain disorders, have a pacemaker or have a history of alcohol or drug abuse. Please refer to our safety notice.

I keep falling asleep during the session. How can I stay awake
to hear the whole track?

It is not uncommon for first-time users to relax so deeply in the early sessions that they may feel that they have been asleep. Generally, you will find that the tendency to doze off will disappear after those first few sessions, and you will more easily engage while listening to the sessions. Try altering the time you schedule your session. If you are doing it late at night before bed and when you are tired from the day's activities, try earlier in the evening or after you get up in the morning. In any case, if you are waking from the session on command, you are probably not asleep but instead, in a deeper state of relaxation, slipping from Alpha state into Theta. Your subconscious will still hear much of the messages but it is far more effective if you avoid this extended state and stay in the aware Alpha level. 

I listen to audio books as I drive to and from work. I'm a good driver, and think I'd have no problem concentrating, so would it be a problem for me to listen to my sessions in the car?

Under NO circumstances should you listen to any of the sessions while walking, driving or riding any vehicle, operating machinery or doing anything that requires your full and undivided attention. The FeelGood IQ program relies on a deep state of relaxation and altered states of awareness to produce results, and is not compatible with safe driving.  

I'm on my second session and I'm finding that I seem to be a lot more relaxed when I'm around people. This is new for me – could it be the program?

The real answer lies in judging how you behaved before and then after beginning your FeelGood IQ program. Stress manifests itself on many levels in our lives. The positive impact of your FeelGood IQ program can result in an increase in self confidence, concentration, and a feeling of calm relaxation in all areas of your life, so yes, it could be the program. 

I have a friend who started the program at the same time I did, and after two weeks, I'm feeling great and ready to take on the world. He is feeling calm but not as euphoric as myself. What is he doing wrong?

Everyone responds in different ways. It's important that he allows himself time to adapt to the program at his own pace, and don't compare himself with others. Some people see results immediately, and others take a few sessions; but in the end, your general well-being and reduced levels of stress will have improved markedly by the time you reach the end of your program.   

I want to listen to the program every day. Is that OK?

That's great to hear you're enjoying the feeling of relaxation. However, for best results please stick to the instructions of each of the main sessions 3 times per week with a day in between. Remember to use the StressBuster coherent breathing session on the alternate days.   

I listened to the first two sessions, but then I had to travel
overseas and was not able to finish the program. Should I
take up where I left off, or should I begin again?

If the gap is any longer than one week, start the audio part of the program from the beginning again.

I did the program about six months ago, but my circumstances
have changed and I feel challenged again. Is it OK to repeat
the program?

You can repeat the program as often as you like, but you should allow a gap of four to six weeks before you start again. However, you may use the powerful StressBuster session as often as necessary.   

I'm in my last session of week one, and I'm still having a bit of
trouble using my imagination. Will this get easier?

Absolutely. As kids, we used our imagination more frequently. Unfortunately, by the time we become adults, the focus of our imagination is often on the negative aspects of life. But with practice, you'll find your childhood abilities all over again. Stick to it and you'll be amazed at how easy it gets.    

Where can I find more on brainwave entrainment?

Go to Google and type in 'entrainment' – this will give you some basic information on the topic but remember, the ISM method used in FeelGood IQ is unique and uses several techniques of mind training, one of them being entrainment.   

Does your group sell any other programs?

Yes, for golfers we have a 5 week program Pro Golf IQ. Over the coming months the Team will be offering more programs to help you improve your golf game as well as focusing on other sports and lifestyle topics. Keep an eye on the website for details.    

I downloaded the program but can't find the files. Where did they go?

When downloading the program you will be asked where you would like to place the downloaded files. Common places for downloaded files may include your 'Desktop' or 'Documents' folder. If you are still having trouble locating your files, you may wish to use your computers 'Search' or 'Find' feature. Simply enter 'FeelGood IQ' as your search keyword and let your computer do the searching. Refer to download tips in navigation bar for further information.      

How do I copy the program to my iPod or portable device?

Please refer to the Listening tips section for further information on copying the program to your personal media player. Click Here to go to Listening Tips Page

I cannot get access to the introduction video session 1

You only need to view the introduction once and your license agreement allows you 2 opportunities to view the video    

I haven't found the answer to my question. What now?

You can email us with any inquiries you may have. For all product related queries please contact